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Isma Yunta
Creative Photographer
If I had to define myself in some way, I think the best thing would be to define myself as a “restless ass.” I love to overcome myself and look for new horizons, turning my life into a game. I love music, coffee (good stuff), mountains and silence, on the contrary, I detest the monotony, the unpunctuality of others and flies.

Detailed and thorough touching the obsessive, I love to get the most out of my images, that’s why, I am in love with technique and lighting, almost as much as postproduction.

I consider postproduction part of my creative process, beyond the need that the work requires. If we combine my technical OCD and my post-production skills with a good art direction, what will we get?

“Imagine, Build, Shoot, Create”

I like photography, I have fun, in practically all its aspects. I do not like to lock myself in a specific theme or style, but I prefer to explore and test myself, looking for new fields to play in until I feel comfortable, and then, change again.
Look clearly intervened by the commercial vision and graphic composition, my images breathe strength and dynamism, with a point of aggressiveness at times, and with a sweet spot on others.
  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Direction
  • Postproduction
My story
Born in Madrid, in January 1991, I grew up in Torrejón de Ardoz and Torres de la Alameda, from an early age I already showed interest in art, establishing numerous relationships with painting, music, drawing, body expression and finally, photography, taking it to an urban environment in adolescence.
I studied (Unfinished) the bachelor of artistic branch in the I.E.S. Antonio Machado, moving on to the health branch later becoming a Pharmacy Technician at the I.E.S. Las Musas.
In 2010 I started working in the pharmaceutical world, keeping photography as a hobby, and developing in parallel a captive breeding project by Leopard Gecko, placing said project at the head of Europe in terms of exclusivity and volume, which kept me busy, excited and distracted for 6 years.
In 2016, the album of the artist “Tosko” called “El viaje del Alma”, which helps me and pushes unstoppably towards what I had not seen for a long time and I am today, crosses me on the road. That’s when I realize that my site is out of the monotony of a pharmacy, the body asked me adventure and grow personally and professionally; That’s when I start to get more interested in photography, lighting and postproduction and for my birthday, I self gift a trio of flashes to play and test me.
2017 was the year in which I began to receive my first works and photography assignments as freelance, allowing me to get in touch with professionals from the sector that I could and wanted to learn a lot from. During this time, having a fixed job that guaranteed me the necessary income, I was able to clean my technique and focus on the jobs and types of photography that I really liked, getting a very high progression.
In January 2019, after almost 10 years, I decided to leave my job in pharmacy, to bet on myself and dedicate myself to what made my days today.
I knocked on almost every door I found, trying to enter inna world I didn’t know about its channels and operations, where I didn’t have a single contact or a road map, just my desire.
After much work and perseverance, I can say that I am proud of the way I have traveled, having worked for brands such as Nike, Vodafone, Seagrams, Chivas Regal, and many others, that not so long ago I could not even imagine.
Now, I only look forward with great enthusiasm and hunger for satisfactions and beautiful projects.

Ismael Yunta

Fotografía por Pablo Urba